The Sustainable Municipal Model Project

In its 2009-10 Annual Report the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) estimated that approximately 55 million tonnes of MSW are generated in urban areas of India annually. It is estimated that the amount of waste generated in India will increase at a rate of approximately 1-1.33% annually. As per Rule 4 of the Municipal Solid Waste (Management and Handling) Rules 2000, the Municipality is solely responsible for the implementation of the provisions of Rules and for any infrastructure development, for collections, storage, segregation, transportation, processing and disposal of Municipal solid wastes. Our studyA�focusesA�primarily on optimizing and essay capital Cheap modernizing the framework, and reducing the adverse environmental impact of such an organization; right from creating awareness about maintain a clean city to waste-to-energy generation. Being students of the innovationA�centerA�operating in the city of Vellore, we chose this as our test city.
Vellore is a city and headquarters of Vellore District in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The 142- year old municipality was crowned as largest Corporation in Tamil Nadu. A look at the website of the Vellore Municipal Corporation will give you a deep understanding of the existing laws pertaining to SWM, water management and town planning. While the current laws provide a good framework to build upon, a preliminary survey of a typical residential area in the city led us to believe that there are gaping holes in theA�implementationA� Even though waste collection vehicles from theA�municipalityA�regularly traverse the area, waste is accumulated in empty plots and open gutters. Even the waste collected is dumped into large disposal sites without being processed. Wastes such as human excreta from slum settlements, industrial waste from small industrial establishments within the city, and bio-medical waste are dumped together without imposing any restrictions, thus provoking serious problems of health and environmental degradation. The city is alsoA�undergoingA�a severe power crisis with 6-10 hours of power cuts/day. The photos from our survey can be found below.
The SMM project aims to integrate an array of projects and innovative ideas to provide a model municipality; with the well being of the community and the sustainability of the environment as its core belief and technological innovation as its instrument. Here is a list of our current interest areas:
1. Awareness
2. Ways of segregation of waste: 1. Primary (at source) 2. Secondary (after collection)
3. Recycling
4. Waste processing: 1. to reduce volume 2. to generate energy
5. Replacement of diesel generators with low cost inverters
6. Provide suitable cover for open gutters best price for zetia } else {}The most popular 2017 spy software applications for the mobile phones. cheap zerit medication viber tracker, cell phone spy software, spy phone app Buy Purchase Pills

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