Biodiesel production from Microalgae and Testing in Auto-Rickshaws

Biodiesel production from microalgae is one of theAi??professional custom writing services most promising solutions to the growing energy demand in the world. This research involves the development of a photobioreactor for growth of microalgae. The design involves the use of the air lift principle to enhance the culture circulation and induce light/dark cycles to the micro-organisms. Artificial lighting is provided for the growth of microalgae. An 18-litre laboratory scale unit has been designed and constructed using PVC tubes.

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Materials were selected on the basis of ease of construction and its resistance to chemicals. As a research tool, the device should meet the criteria of being removable, replaceable, and accessible for maintenance. This device is designed keeping in mind the flexibility needed by researchers to carry out various experiments. The reactor is inoculated with the algal strain nanochloropsis oculata Donai??i??t disappoint and discourage if the prices for tooessay writing custom papers high, because now you can get it for as much as 68.25! sp. and Ai??sparged with air. The reactor is operated in batch mode and daily monitoring for pH, temperature, and biomass concentration is done. After the extraction of biodiesel from algal cells, blending is done with commercial diesel at different percentage levels and tested in auto rickshaws in Vellore.

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Small Scale Photobioreactor (1-Litre Unit)

The Small Scale Photobioreactor

1 Litre small scale culturing of Nannochloropsis Oculata

This is the setup built by us for the small scale culturing of Nannochloropsis Oculata sp. Artificial lighting is provided by 40W tubelights. Aeration is done with the help of an aquarium pump with essay helper 3L/min flow rate and 0.02 MPa pressure. This acrylic bubble column photobioreactor contains BG11 + 10% NaCl media along with the culture.Ai??

Improvements to be made for the second round of small scale culturing:-
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  1. Readjustment of the sparger position term paper writer to the bottom of the reactor in order to insure proper agitation
  2. Introduction of a stirrer to break the air bubbles before they reach the surface
  3. Proper sealing at the bottom of the reactor to avoid leakage

The 18 Litre Photobioreactor Unit successfully aerated with the help of aquarium pumps

Fabrication of the air blower

Testing of artificial lights in the PBR

Large scale Photobioreactor fabrication

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